Boundary Surveys

Allen & Company is a full-service surveying and mapping firm headquartered in Winter Garden, Fla. that provides all surveying and mapping services required to assist clients with planning, engineering, mapping and subsequent completion of their important projects. Our unique approach incorporates many disciplines and focuses on maintaining open lines of communication with our clients – with the ultimate goal of delivering your project on time and on budget.

Topographic Surveys

Allen & Company performs topographic surveys for purposes such as engineering design for subdivisions, shopping centers, roadways, and flood plain determination. All crews understand the level of detailed field location required to prepare an accurate and useful design survey. Allen & Company works closely with developers, engineers and architects on a daily basis. We coordinate with all interests to assure the full scope is achieved.

Platting and Condominium Documents

As part of the development process final plats or condominium documents are prepared for submittal to governmental agencies. Allen & Company has experience in submitting plats to many municipalities in Central Florida and the Bahamas. Our staff understands the level of detail and clarity required in each document submitted to a Government agency for recording. We also understand the nuance of each agency and work with the staff to assure compliance prior to initial submittals. This understanding and close cooperation helps minimize delays in the process.

Wetland Delineation and Location

Allen & Company assists consultants in the delineation of and subsequent location of jurisdictional wetland lines. The location surveys are used to determine upland acreages, establish plat and development boundaries, conservation easements and mitigation banks.

Construction Services

Allen & Company provides a variety of services to the construction community. These services include establishing control, staking of specific improvements such as utility manholes, utility mains, curbing etc. establishing control for multi-story construction, as-builts and machine modeling.

Hydrographic Surveying

In support of development, and construction services hydrographic services are available. Hydrographic services are available for ponds, lakes, rivers, inshore and near offshore mapping.

​​3D Laser Scanning

Without question High Definition laser scanning is one of the most versatile tools ever introduced to the surveying community. Allen & Company has the ability to perform extremely detailed surveys of any site or specific item. If necessary this work can be performed offsite or with minimal intrusion on sensitive sites. This technology can be utilized for boundary or topographic and detailed surveys of industrial piping, as-builts of buildings, erected steel construction, animation, crime and accident scenes, record architectural detail of historical sites and monuments to list a few. The only limit to the capabilities of this equipment is one's imagination.


> Surveying 
> Mapping 
​> Platting 
> Condominium Documents   
> 3D Laser Scanning  
> Hydrographic Surveying
​> Wetlands Delineation & Location


> Boundary Surveys 
> Topographic Surveys
> Plat Preparation 
> Condominium Surveys
> Mortgage Surveys 
> Property Sketches 
> Right-of-Way Mapping


> Construction
> Civil litigation
> Engineering design
> Law enforcement/forensics
> Federal, state and local
government agencies
> Commercial land acquisition
and development
> Residential land acquisition
​and development


> Modern Total Stations

> Real-time Kinematic Global 

Positioning System (RTK/GPS)
​>Laser Scanning 

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